Who is the replacement for Joseph Park in BibleGateway.com?

7 07 2010

Who is the replacement for Joseph Park in BibleGateway.com? Here is the press release from Zondervan in May, 2010:

Zondervan has announced the appointment of Rachel Barach as general manager of BibleGateway.com–the most popular Web site for reading and researching the Bible. She replaces Joseph Park, who was named senior vice president of consumer products for HarperCollins Digital, Consumer Products.

Barach, who will be responsible for all leadership and management aspects of BibleGateway.com, previously served with the Salem Web Network sites Crosswalk.com, Bible Study Tools and Christianity.com. During Barach’s tenure there, Christianity.com grew more than 200% in two months through search, display and viral-marketing strategies, Zondervan said.

Most recently, Barach worked at MEA Digital–a top 50 digital marketing agency–where she served on the senior management team devising and supervising initiatives for clients, including Cars.com, Oakley and Mitsubishi Home Electronics.

Barach “brings a distinct combination of experience, intelligence, leadership and entrepreneurship necessary to step in and build on the strong foundation already established at Bible Gateway,” said Moe Girkins, president and CEO of Zondervan.

Zondervan–a division of HarperCollins–acquired BibleGateway.com in October 2008 from Gospel Communications. Since the acquisition, BibleGateway.com has grown from 6 million unique visitors per month to more than 8 million, Zondervan said.

We don’t know whether Joseph Park a Christian. Anyway, he left or was assigned for other tasks. Oh, he is a Christian. His replacement is Rachel Barach. She worked for Christians related companies and seems like a Christian.  But, we are not 100% sure because they didn’t say.

The content of BibleGateway.com and Zondervan has linkage. Say, you can find the daily verse posted by the BibleGateway.com appeared on  Zondervan’s twitter page. On Zondervan’s twitter page, they also promote their books. BibleGateway.com links to Gospel.com. If you are interested, you can read by yourself to see if there is any soft and subtle content linkage between Gospel.com and Zondervan. Since the acquistion, the growth is only 2 million.  

Some useful information is highlighted in red. Zondervan’s parent company is News Corporation. The business owner is Murdoch.



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